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Valais Blackneck Goats Cheshire

The Valais Blackneck Goat are a beautiful breed of domestic goat from the canton of Valais. The majority of these goats occupy the district of Visp in Switzerland and are also based in Northern Italy, Austria and Germany. The Valais Blackneck are an extremely eye-catching animal due to their distinct colouring; the head is black and the black continues past the shoulders to halfway down the back of the goat and is then suddenly white to the tail. Valais goats have strong saber-shaped horns (horned in both sexes) and very long rough hair (the length is 40-50cm.) The undercoat appears only in winter. There is a thick fringe on the forehead. However, the main distinctive feature is the colouration. It is the same in all Valais Blackneck goats. Medium-sized, stocky, and muscular, they have strong legs for climbing and walking long distances. The neck and head are short with a wide forehead and muzzle. Ears are erect, and horns are long and elegantly curved. Both sexes have beards, long wavy hair, and tufts on the forehead. Here at Valais Blackneck Goat UK we are delighted to be the first to have imported this stunning breed. We are so pleased to finally have them in the UK and cant wait to start building our flock!

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